It’s me, Jordynn!

This weeks workouts were pretty good, tough and a lot of things learned.




I started off with a 6-mile long run on Sunday. The first four miles was run on the track and the final two miles was running up and down the hill. Following my long run, I went to the gym for strength training. I pretty much worked my whole body with band and body weight exercises. My dad makes it more challenging by making it more dynamic by engaging my core with other exercises or making me focus on balance when doing an exercise.




On Monday, I did 4x850m runs and 3x150m runs. The 850’s, I focused on keeping my hands low, staying tall and hitting my splits every 200m. The first 2 sets were at 3:01, third at 3:02 and the last one was at a 2:57. My 150’s were at about 80% speed, focusing on staying on my toes and tall. I really want to increase my speed and run faster splits. But it’s a long season and will take it slow.




On Thursday I had a pretty good workout with Coach LeJerald Betters and Coach Krystin Lacy. They came out to help me with my running form. I had 2 sets of 4 acceleration runs and 1-1600m threshold run. It’s sometimes hard for me to run fast and hold it with maintaining the right sprinting form. I’m also working to improve on changing speeds. I feel this will help me improve on my 800m and 1500m races. By the time I got to the 1600m threshold run, I was pretty tired! I was able to hit my 200m split goal only twice. I was about 3-4 seconds off on each one. But I was able to finish strong as Coach Betters ran along side of me for the last 150m.

Jordynn with Coach Lacy & Coach Betters at the track


Learning from Coach Betters




On Saturday, I got a chance to go to my first outdoor college meet! I watched some great athletes run at the Baylor Invitational. The highlight was watching Aaliyah Miller win the 800m race! After the race, I got a chance to talk to her and she even autographed a poster for me! I also got a chance to talk to pro runner, Olicia Williams. She’s always exciting and encouraging. Always letting me know, if I work hard, I can earn a scholarship to run in college. Lastly, I got a chance to meet pro runner, Trayvon Bromell. 


With Aaliyah Miller and my little sister KJ



Jordynn with Olicia Williams


Trayvon Bromell



I finished off the week at the TCU Rhino Run 5k race on Sunday. This was a challenging run for me as it was a lot of hills through the neighborhood behind the TCU football stadium. I just wanted to stay relaxed and control my breathing through the race. I stayed strong and was the Overall Female Winner with a time of 20:10. I got a pretty cool custom beaded rhino medal and a glass shaped rhino from Africa for winning!


The coveted "Rhino Award"


It was cool to meet Youth Runner, Bryan Hailey at the race. He finished 1st in his age group and 2nd overall with an awesome time of 18:52! 


Keep at eye out for Bryan at the races. We featured him in the Nov-Dec issue of Youth Runner Magazine



This was another great week that had some challenges, things to learn and excitement!