Hey everyone, meet Youth Runner Blogger and runner Raelynne Miller. She is  an 8th grader from Millville, New Jersey and likes pasta salad, the song Dog Days are over by Florence and the Machine, pretty good at Algebra and is the President of the National Junior Honor Society.


The average teenager’s daily schedule consists of going to school, doing chores and homework, then maybe playing some video games, watching TV, or going to hang out with friends.  


My every day starts with a run on the treadmill, a shower, school, practice (track or cross country), homework, another shower, and then bed.

My name is Raelynne Miller.  I am thirteen and this is my story.  At the age of nine, I knew I wanted to run. While playing other sports like soccer, it was running I enjoyed most.  During one of my soccer games, the Millville High School Girl’s Track Coach saw me sprinting up and down the field following the ball. He knew I would have a future in running.  After speaking with my parents he invited me to run with his local track team; The Millville Track Club.

When I started running, I was a sprinter.  


As a nine year old, I truthfully hated the thought of running any distance over 400 meters.  I was an ok sprinter.  But little did I know, Coach Craig was grooming me for longer distances.  


Now, I run the 400, 800, and 1500 meter, and any 5K that fits into my schedule.  I have traveled all over the country and participated in several sanctioned meets.  I love competing against other runners who are just as determined, as I am to win.  I have made a lot of friends from all over and love seeing them at the races.  


When we are at a meet like the Junior Olympics it’s like a big family.  Even though we are competing against each other we support one another.

Last summer while running a 5K, I stumbled over some rocks transitioning off of gravel to grass. Thinking I just twisted my ankle I finished the race and won 1st female.


The following day I couldn’t put weight on my right foot.  I broke the fifth metatarsal, a common break for runners.  Stuck on crutches for 3 months, I persevered and went to all of my school practices and meets to support the team.  The following season I was back and able to take the team to an undefeated season.

I will be graduating 8th grade this year, with a straight A average and President of the National Junior Honor Society.  I am excited to join my new High School team this September, and plan on having an awesome experience with great friends from track and cross country.

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