Hi everyone, it’s Jordynn, and this week I had some pretty good workouts, and ended off the week with a 5k race to start St. Patrick’s Day weekend .



On Monday


The core of the workout was 8x 300m runs with about a 50m recovery jog in between. The 300’s were at about 64-65 seconds each, working on staying tall, breathing, low hands, and relaxed shoulders. It was pretty tough running the repeats with the small amount of recovery. After the 300’s I had a 5 minute rest, and 3x 150m sprints, working on my turnover, spinning my legs in the front and pumping my arms. My coaches noticed that I was running flat footed at times so next week will work on staying on the balls of my feet. It was about 45 degrees but I like to run on cold days.




On Wednesday

My good friend Aamerie and I, who is also a USATF 800m champion, had a tough workout. We had 6x200m, at about 35-36 second each, with 30 seconds rest in between. These were tough because we battled and competed through those runs. After we had 5 mins rest, and I had a 1000m run at my Vo2 max pace. I was a little off my 200m splits, but it was still pretty good. We finished with 4x 200m recovery runs, at about 39-40 seconds each.


To end the week off

I ran in the Leprechaun Lane North Dallas 5k on Saturday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I only got about 5 hours of sleep the night before because I went out and had fun at the trampoline park with Aamerie and her siblings (and mine too of course). Before the race, my dad told me to stay relaxed, focus on breathing and have fun! I finished with my fastest 5k time at 19:25 and was the overall winner!

So, I would call this week a successful week!

#trainhard #believe